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The Onward Shay/Payette Boise Beer Mile!

Get ready. June 22, 2018 is first Onward Shay/Payette Boise Beer Mile! 

What it is:

The Onward Shay/Payette Boise Beer Mile: participant will need to finish a 12 oz can of Payette's finest brew at the start and finish of the 1 mile course. Make it even more fun and run as a relay and team mates get to drink together!

Looking for a training partner or group to prepare for October's Onward Shay! Boise Marathon? There will be representatives from Boise's best run clubs on site too!


How it works*:

  • Drink a beer
  • Run a mile
  • Drink another beer
  • *Beers are consumed only before and after, not every quarter mile because our course is along the greenbelt, and we can't be breakin' the law now, can we?!
  • When you're done, hang out with other local beer lovers, enjoy food trucks, and try some of Payette's delicious craft brews. 


  • $20 per entry
  • Free for current Onward Shay registrants
  • Two free beers for previous registrants plus a free t-shirt
  • Friday June 22nd, 2017
  • 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
  • At Payette Brewing on River St
  • If you're already registered, watch your email for instructions on how to get in fo' free

Onward Shay/Payette Boise Beer Mile FAQ's

Is this a typical "beer mile"?

No, our beer mile is different as the rules are different. In the typical beer mile, you drink a beer every quarter mile. Since our mile course is along the greenbelt, we have to follow the rules and not allow alcohol on the greenbelt. But don't worry, you get to drink a beer before and after the mile. 

How do I get in for free?

You can register for Onward Shay's half or full marathon, then watch for your email with the coupon code to enter for free. 

Do I need to be registered for Onward Shay to run? 

Absolutely not! If 5K's, 10K',s, half or full marathons aren't your thing, just come drink some beers and run a mile! Or just come hang out and drink some beers!