Runner’s World: A Running Love Story

“Running brings people together. You hear that from time to time, at big races or after six-figure charity fund-raisers. But running can bring people together in small ways, too. It just may take a little more effort.

In 1988, George Hirsch was the worldwide publisher of Runner’s World and an Olympic commentator. He had run 15 marathons, including a 2:38 PR he set at age 44 in Boston, running most of the way with Joan Benoit. He had helped Fred Lebow start the New York City Marathon in 1976 and launched The Runner magazine two years later. A decade before, he’d been the founding publisher of New York and New Times magazines. George would tell you that he’s been successful in business because he is smart and persuasive, and that he achieved so much in running by being enthusiastic, even dogged. He would also tell you that the best thing that ever happened in his life required him to be all of those things at once—as well as something he normally isn’t: patient.”

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