3 tips for Spring runs

Spring has sprung, people are getting outside again! Here are a few tips for runners of any level, whether you only plan to run the 5K or tackle the full marathon.

1. Start slow.
Many of us get over-excited when the snow starts to melt and the sun begins to peek it’s head out from behind the clouds. Don’t let the warm weather trick you into thinking you can pick up where you left off. Start slow and work your way up, both distance-wise and timing-wise. Easy does it!

2. Shoe check.
Just like replacing your toothbrush every 3 months, did you know you should replace your shoes anywhere from 300-500 miles? If your gear is broken in and comfortable, great. But if your shoes are worn out and the rubber is running low, be weary of running on hard surfaces. Keep those knees safe!

3. Consistency is key.
Don’t let the unpredictability of spring weather throw you off. Once you get started, make improvements to your runs by staying consistent. Make sure you’re prepared for spring weather by having clothing articles for any type of weather so you can continue improving.