Six global brands unite to support Onward Shay

Adidas, Brooks, ASICS, New Balance, Saucony & Mizuno have all united to support Onward Shay! Boise Marathon. This is unprecedented in the running world. 

According to Running USA,  "six global shoe companies will join together to support a new marathon in Boise, Idaho to honor the memory of well-known runner Shay Hirsch.

New Balance, Saucony, Brooks, ASICS, Adidas and Mizuno will support the Onward Shay! Boise Marathon and Half Marathon, a landmark decision according to one top executive.

'Shoe companies are very competitive,” said Tom Carleo, Vice President of Running at New Balance. "This is a great opportunity for us to come together to honor Shay’s spirit.'

Boise-native Shay Hirsch was a competitive runner and marathoner who died of cancer in 2014. She was the wife of George Hirsch, former publisher of Runner’s World Magazine and Chairman of the Board of the New York Road Runners—host of the New York City Marathon.

Runner’s World Magazine editor-in-chief David Willey says the widespread support is unusual. 'Six major shoe companies are joining forces to sponsor the race in Shay’s memory. That is unheard of,' said Willey.

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