Why Runners are Happier

Wanna get high? 

Get your mind out of the gutter. 

We mean, runner's high!

Yes, the runner's high is real. Ask any runner, and they'll tell you that they feel like they're on another level after completing a solid run. Running is proven to release endorphins, which, as you probably know, makes you feel nice.

Many people even say that they feel a kind of euphoria after finishing an intense run or running event. Some say that their body is so exhausted, they get to the point of even wanting to throw up. How can you feel like throwing up and at the same time, experience euphoria? Yes, it's possible, and as a runner, we're sure you've experienced it. 

Other than feeling amazing after a run, here are a few more reasons runners are simply happier people.

Shared pain

If you have runner friends, you know that you compare blisters and bloody sores. We share each other's pain, and this brings us closer together. 

Shared joy

There's nothing more satisfying than pushing yourself to the next level, improving your stats, challenging yourself and conquering your goals. Doing this with fellow runners allows us to revel in each other's accomplishments.

Shared experiences

Sharing our pains and joys simply brings us closer together. We create social connections with people, thus resulting in friendships, common interests, and overall, sharing more experiences. 

Do you have anything to say? Why are you happier when you're running?