Things to Look Forward to: Boise State Football & Onward Shay! Boise Marathon

Boise State Football Season is Nearly Here

The football season is nearly here. And as much as we're runners, we're also football lovers. Our ideal day consists of waking up early for a cool run in the foothills, meeting up with friends for lunch in the North End, and heading to the stadium parking lot to tailgate with our closest crew, and losing our voices cheering for our boys out there on the blue turf. 

If the game isn't a home game, you can be sure that most bars and restaurants will be packed with blue and orange the day of the game. For instance, over race day weekend, Boise State is playing the Air Force (at the Air Force.) You can enjoy the football game on October 27th; getting in good spirits the day before the race. 

We know you runner-lovers are also football fanatics. Here's the Boise State Football Game schedule for you to plan out the end of your summer. 

Buy your tix  here .

Buy your tix here.