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How to Prepare for Your Next Marathon

Preparing for a marathon can be a lot of hard work. There are many things to think of, from practice runs and the best gear to the best diet. Anyone can be a runner, it doesn´t matter if you are an online poker player, golf pro or work in an office. 

Tips for Easy Preparation

You may wonder how you’re ever going to complete this exhausting event, but you can reach your goal of completing a marathon with the right training and preparation.

A Training Plan

If you’ve run a marathon before, you’ll know that you gradually need to increase your endurance while resting enough to prevent injuries. It’s best to slowly build-up to the demands you’ll face on race day. Your plan needs enough recovery time so that you’ll be in fantastic shape at the starting line and not sore or injured.

Get comfortable running gear well in advance so that you can get used to it during your training runs. Marathon gear is expensive, but there are ways to make quick cash so that you can buy all the latest gear.

Diet Plan

In the days before the race, eat a diet rich in complex carbs such as rice, bread, starchy vegetables, and pasta. This will give you maximum energy. Drink lots of water the week before the race to ensure that you are well-hydrated.

Also, make sure that you have food and hydration sources handy for the race, including an electrolyte source.

Eating the right foods at the right time can also help you recover after the race. You’ve got about 30 minutes after a training run when the body can best replenish and use the carbs and proteins eaten up during exercise. You can refuel with protein shakes or consume foods with a 3 to 1 protein to carbohydrate ratio.

Planning the Day Before

Get your outfit ready for the day of the race – don’t wear new clothes as you can’t afford to run a long distance with chafing clothing. Don’t make the mistake of wearing new shoes – wear the pair you’ve worn during a few long runs, or at least in practice sessions.

Make sure you’re prepared for anything and put some essentials in your gym bag – a dry shirt, extra socks, hat, Vaseline, blister products, and whatever else you may need on the day.

On Race Day

Get up early and plan to arrive at least an hour before the start of the race. Eat some calories and drink enough water.

While you’re getting dressed, lubricate any areas where you may have experienced chafing problems.

Remember to pin on your number, as most races now have the timing chip attached to the bib. Your check tag will likely be attached to your bag as well.

Conclusion: At the Location

You can warm up with some easy stretches, but the walk from the car should also loosen you up a bit. Ensure that you’ve attached the food and drink you want to take to your body.

The start of a race is usually crowded, but you don’t have to worry about starting too fast. The pack will eventually thin out, and if you start slow, you might save yourself some agony as you have time to warm up your muscles.

You’ve worked hard to get yourself race-ready, so now relax and enjoy the experience!

28 Feb 2021