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Taking It to the Limit: Training, Jogging and Marathons

Some people get their daily dose of exercise by doing half an hour of yoga or low-impact callisthenics, or by merely walking up a flight or two of stairs.

Others, however, choose to push the boundaries of physical endurance by undertaking rigorous training routines, jogging long distances, or competing in marathons.

This website is specifically designed for the latter category of athlete, namely, those who enjoy taking it to the limit.

Here, readers can find helpful tips on ways to maximise their training routines, and advice on the best equipment to buy, from the world's most comfortable running shoes to the most productive workout machines.

Essential Triathlon Equipment

22 Apr 2021

Those new to the sport can get their triathlon training kickstarted without spending big. In fact, many athletes will already own most of the necessary equipment. Aside from a bicycle, clothing is perhaps the most important thing to consider, with essentials including a wetsuit, helmet, swimming cap, goggles, and running and cycling shoes.

Bucket List Triathlons

8 Mar 2021

One of the greatest pleasures of taking part in triathlons is exploring the world’s most beautiful landscapes. From swimming across alpine lakes to scaling mountains and racing through cheering crowds, each and every course offers competitors new challenges, diverse settings and memorable experiences to cherish long after the finish line.

How to Prepare for Your Next Marathon

28 Feb 2021

Preparing for a marathon can be a lot of hard work. There are many things to think of, from practice runs and the best gear to the best diet. Anyone can be a runner, it doesn´t matter if you are an online poker player, golf pro or work in an office. 

Tips for Easy Preparation

You may wonder how you’re ever going to complete this exhausting event, but you can reach your goal of completing a marathon with the right training and preparation.

A Training Plan

If you’ve run a marathon before, you’ll know that you gradually need to increase your endurance while resting enough to prevent injuries. It’s best to slowly build-up to the demands you’ll face on race day. Your plan needs enough recovery time so that you’ll be in fantastic shape at the starting line and not sore or injured.

Get comfortable running gear well in advance so that you can get used to it during your training runs. Marathon gear is expensive, but there are ways to make quick cash so that you can buy all the latest gear.

Diet Plan

In the days before the race, eat a diet rich in complex carbs such as rice, bread, starchy vegetables, and pasta. This will give you maximum energy. Drink lots of water the week before the race to ensure that you are well-hydrated.

Also, make sure that you have food and hydration sources handy for the race, including an electrolyte source.

Eating the right foods at the right time can also help you recover after the race. You’ve got about 30 minutes after a training run when the body can best replenish and use the carbs and proteins eaten up during exercise. You can refuel with protein shakes or consume foods with a 3 to 1 protein to carbohydrate ratio.

Planning the Day Before

Get your outfit ready for the day of the race – don’t wear new clothes as you can’t afford to run a long distance with chafing clothing. Don’t make the mistake of wearing new shoes – wear the pair you’ve worn during a few long runs, or at least in practice sessions.

Make sure you’re prepared for anything and put some essentials in your gym bag – a dry shirt, extra socks, hat, Vaseline, blister products, and whatever else you may need on the day.

On Race Day

Get up early and plan to arrive at least an hour before the start of the race. Eat some calories and drink enough water.

While you’re getting dressed, lubricate any areas where you may have experienced chafing problems.

Remember to pin on your number, as most races now have the timing chip attached to the bib. Your check tag will likely be attached to your bag as well.

Conclusion: At the Location

You can warm up with some easy stretches, but the walk from the car should also loosen you up a bit. Ensure that you’ve attached the food and drink you want to take to your body.

The start of a race is usually crowded, but you don’t have to worry about starting too fast. The pack will eventually thin out, and if you start slow, you might save yourself some agony as you have time to warm up your muscles.

You’ve worked hard to get yourself race-ready, so now relax and enjoy the experience!

Why Jogging is the Best Form of Exercise

1 Jan 2021

Physical activity is essential for your health. There are so many forms of exercise that it's hard to determine which is the most beneficial. Most people choose a workout that suits their stamina level or one that they find enjoyable.

While any exercise is better than not being active at all, this article will look at why jogging is the best option.

Advantages of Jogging

Jogging provides many health benefits regardless of your age or current lifestyle habits. Exercise, in general, improves your blood circulation and can help you maintain a healthy weight, but jogging has additional advantages. These include:

  • You maintain a consistent, but elevated heart rate throughout the session
  • It burns calories rapidly
  • As a weight-bearing activity, it strengthens your bones
  • You strengthen your muscles
  • Improves your cardiovascular fitness level

When you increase the heart rate at a steady pace, you burn fat stores from your body. This facilitates weight loss. It's also a natural activity that doesn't require abnormal or unnatural exertion like some modern exercise routines.

It also boosts your immune response to illnesses and positively impacts your body's response to insulin. The improved blood circulation is also good for your lymphatic health.

There are also benefits for your mental health. When you jog, there are fewer distractions. You can use this time to clear your mind of stress and responsibilities such as work and ponder about passionate prospects for example Fxforex.com.

How to start Jogging

Jogging is an activity that almost anyone can participate in. It doesn't need any special equipment or expensive gear, and you can do it in various locations.

Many prefer fresh air and jog on the open road or in parks near their homes. Others prefer to use treadmills at indoor venues.

To start jogging, you only need a good pair of running shoes and comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. It’s best if you stretch to warm up your muscles first. This will reduce the chance of injury during the workout.

If you opt to jog outdoors, it's best to do it early in the morning or late afternoon just before sunset. If you go out in the heat of the day, you might find yourself quickly fatigued. You'll also need to apply sunscreen to protect your skin.

Get your body accustomed to the motion by walking briskly for a few minutes. This will increase your heart rate and prepare your muscles for more strenuous activity. When you feel ready, increase your pace to a jog. It's good to set a goal for each session, either in terms of time or distance.

If you live a relatively sedentary lifestyle, you should start with smaller milestones like circling the block around your house or a 10-minute session on the treadmill. Over time, as you gain stamina, you can gradually intensify your workouts and set more challenging goals.

You must drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and be sure to do a cool-down stretch after your exercise session as well.


Jogging is an effective way to increase your physical activity. Incorporating this exercise into your daily life will enhance not only your fitness level, but your overall health as well.

Triathlon – The Ultimate Athletic Test

18 Dec 2020

Combining swimming, cycling and running, a triathlon offers the ultimate endurance test for athletes. This multi-discipline sport requires plenty of physical and mental strength. Yet, training and participating in triathlons can reward the body with a complete workout and the mind with an incredible sense of achievement.